Academy Discussions

Academy Discussions [and …]

The series of discussions set in motion by Jeanine Meerapfel on artistic, political and cultural-political themes – often including members of the Akademie der Künste, as well as politicians, scholars and journalists – questions artists about current events and how to tackle them.  Previous topics include the political and economic situation for artists in Greece and in Cuba since the restoration of diplomatic relations with the USA, the critical art of Argentine comics, the catchwords “integration”, “community of values” and “flood of refugees”, as well as our present-day notions of homeland and its resilience. The [and...] stands for insights into the creative output of artists invited, whose works are presented in short video clips before and after the discussions.

List of Academy Discussions [and …] since September 2015
(in German language)

1st Academy Discussions [and …]
Artists in Greece: Survival in Stormy Weather

1 September 2015

2nd Academy Discussions [and …]
Cuba – quo vadis? Cuban Artists in Times of Change

5 October 2015

3rd Academy Discussions [and...]
Mafalda and Eternauta Save the World. The Critical Art of Argentinian Comics

11 November 2015

4th Academy Discussions [and …]
What do we think? Integration, a Community of Shared Values, Streams of Refugees

1 March 2016

5th Academy Discussions [and …]
"Heimat" today

8 June 2016

Academy Discussions 2006–2015

Klaus Staeck, former president of the Akademie der Künste, initiated and chaired a series of discussions from 2006 to 2015. The list including themes such as changes in copyright laws, the cultural mission of the public broadcasting stations, the role of art in the social upheavals of 1968 and 1989, the design of Berlin’s Museum Island, the murder of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya , the power and influence of Google, the condemnation of the death penalty, the global threat of climate change, poverty in Germany, Europe’s refugee policy, and the situations of the threatened artists Ai Weiwei and Roberto Saviano.

List of all Akademie discussions from 2006 – 2015