Architectural Archive

Hans Scharoun, Musikhalle, about 1922, Photograph: Academy of Arts Architectural Archive

The collections in the Architectural Archive focus on the twentieth century, though they do also preserve some scattered holdings from previous centuries, e.g. some drawings by Friedrich Gilly and drawings from the documentary remains of Martin Friedrich Rabes. Through the artistic estates of Hugo Häring, Hans Scharoun, the Luckhardt brothers and their partner Alfons Anker, and–last but not least–the brothers Bruno and Max Taut, the Archive, more than any other architectural collection, documents the course of Berlin Modernism from 1900 until the period of the Economic Miracle in the old Federal German Republic. Following German unification, the Archive not only acquired major holdings from the territory of the GDR, but also purchased the artistic estates of émigrés. All of this has recently been supplemented by an increasing amount of office papers and documents from members of the Academy and other contemporary architects. The holdings also include archives of architectural photography and architectural theorists.

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