16 November 2017

KUNSTWELTEN, the Akademie’s Education Programme
New cooperation with Berlin Mondiale, future workshops on shrinking cities and a storytelling partnership project called “Our Stories”

This autumn, the Akademie der Künste, in collaboration with Berlin Mondiale and Radialsystem, has begun a cooperation with the Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Heerstraße (refugee accommodations) in Charlottenburg. Artists, who are part of the Junge Akademie meet weekly with children, young adults and adults in multidisciplinary tandem partnerships. Among other projects currently being planned are a film project with young refugees and the director Ralph Etter and a workshop on portrait photography with the director and photo artist Nataša von Kopp. For spring 2018, residents and the artist Moritz Philipp are preparing to create raised flowerbeds in the courtyard of their building.

Future Workshops on Shrinking Cities
Public Presentations of the Effects on Pasewalk and Anklam
For more than a decade KUNSTWELTEN has also been active in the new federal states of Germany. Particularly in structurally weaker regions, the cultural education programme of the Akademie der Künste relies on encounters of artists with children and young adults that can stimulate a change of perspective. Thanks to many years of cooperation with individual cities, administrative districts, and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), programmes have been created that are equally popular amongst students, parents and teachers. They have been included in the annual outline plans of several schools. This year seven members and 19 fellows from the Akademie are meeting with school classes in the administrative districts of Anhalt-Bitterfeld and Vorpommern-Greifswald (Western Pomerania).

A subject that intensively interests Michael Bräuer ‒ an architect, city planner, historic preservationist and Director of the Architecture Section at the Akademie ‒ is the future of shrinking cities. One such city is Pasewalk, near the Polish border. How do students envision their city in the future? This question is asked by the “Pasewalk Future Workshop” taking place at the Oskar-Picht-Gymnasium, a European school. From 20–24 November 2017, Michael Bräuer, together with the Viennese architect Theresa Schütz and school groups are developing realistic and imaginative ideas for work, living and leisure time based on concrete architectural and urban planning situations.

Unsere Geschichten. Our Stories – Rewrite the Future
Storytelling Partnerships between Young Refugees and German-Speaking Authors
The project brings together young adults, who have fled their home countries and have come to Germany, and German-speaking authors – including Kerstin Hensel, Senthuran Varatharajah, Katerina Poladjan, Ralph Hammerthaler, Shida Bazyar, Sabine Peters and Larissa Boehning – for storytelling partnerships. The first group recount the experiences they made while in flight, exile and their new beginnings, recalling their feelings from their own perspectives. The second group allows themselves to be moved and affected. And from the two halves new, literary narratives come into being. The stories that emerge will be jointly presented in the spring of 2018 alongside the project’s initiator Larissa Boehning and the Literature Section at the Akademie der Künste.

Public Presentations
24 November 2017, 11 am 
The effects of the film workshop and of the Pasewalk future workshop
Oskar-Picht-Gymnasium (European school), Grünstraße 63, 17309 Pasewalk
February 2018 
Interim presentation of the achievements made by the writing workshops, etc., with Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Stefano Zangrando, Katerina Poladjan, Rolf Giegold and the grade school classes of Anklam.
(Place and date to be announced)

25 April 2018 
Presentation of the achievements of the storytelling partnerships “Our Stories – Rewrite the Future”, Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz

Marion Neumann of KUNSTWELTEN is available for interviews.

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