In 2012 all of the Akademie der Künste fellows were invited to take part in a one week "Culture:City" workshop, developing their own work to be presented to a panel of members of the Akademie and to the curators. With the support of the Society of Friends of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, four fellows were given the opportunity to develop their projects and present them in the context of the exhibition: Meriam Bousselmi (fellowship in the Performing Arts Section) with "Truth Box", a publicly staged confessional placed at different locations in urban space, Julian Busch (fellowship in the Architecture Section) with his work "Berlin Unseen" – a topographic instrument, design for a revolving stage at the Zeltenplatz ("the tent ground"); Nadine Fecht (fellowship in the Fine Arts Section) with her video installation "Close Reading", and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané (fellowship in the Fine Arts Section) with his sound-corridor “Teque-teque, Surucuá, Arara” in the Tiergarten near the Academy.

Office Junge Akademie
Christian Schneegass, Miriam Papastefanou, Nicola Beißner

Julian Busch, "Berlin Unseen" 2013, topographic instrument
(design for a revolving stage at the Zeltenplatz)
CAD drawing: Julian Busch