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Martin Riches
Four Voices (2016–2017; fortlaufende Arbeit)
und Singing Machine (2012–2013) 

Four Voices follows my previous acoustic voice synthesis projects: Talking Machine (1989–1991) and MotorMouth (1994–1999). Four Voices is closely based on my Singing Machine (2010–2013), a single transparent vox humana pipe with a mechanised reed and a range of one octave. The machine sings in much the same way as a human being: with air, a moving “tongue”, and “lips” which enable it to sing vowel sounds. The mechanism is clearly visible and there are no loudspeakers. In 2013–2017, the Singing Machine performed hitonokiesari, composed for it by Masahiro Miwa, and based on a specially commissioned poem by Sadakazu Fujii.

Martin Riches

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