Mark Lammert

Mark Lammert, photo © Joachim Richau

Mark Lammert is a painter, draughtsman and graphic artist. Since the 1980s he has been keeping sketchbooks that accompany his wide-ranging work, in which he addresses questions of colour, form, and current and world events in text and pictures. In 1993 he created his first stage space for Heiner Müller's Duell Traktor Fatzer at the Berliner Ensemble. His often serially-arranged images seem to continue into infinity beyond the material limitations of the image's vessel. In terms of painting technique, Lammert focusses on the layering of historical and contemporary colour tones and atmospheres. As a draughtsman, he condenses ciphers of figure and landscape in charcoal, graphite, coloured pencil and oil on handmade paper.

Impressions of the exhibition

Installation view: Käthe Kollwitz Prize 1999

Installation view: Käthe Kollwitz Prize 1999