Historical Archive

Adolph Menzel, memorial page for the anniversary of the Academy of Arts, 1896. Photograph: Academy of Arts Art Collection

The “memory” of the institution, the holdings of the Historical Archive comprise the entire fund of documents and pictures inherited by the Academy of Arts, from its foundation at the end of the seventeenth century to the present day.

The holdings are arranged to reflect the four stages of the Academy’s history:
Prussian Academy of Arts 1696-1955
Academy of Arts (East) 1950-1993
Academy of Arts (West) 1955-1993
Academy of Arts, since 1993

Main inherited documentation:

Statutes and regulations
Minutes of general assemblies and elections
Documents relating to the training and continued training of young artists
Award of prizes for art and literature
Work of expert assessors and consultants
Competitions and scholarships
Minutes of debates on art and art history
Correspondence with Academy members (about 2,200)
Correspondence with government bodies and cultural institutions
Files relating to events, exhibitions and publicity

Press documentation
Photographic collection

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