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György Kurtág: Omaggio a Luigi Nono op. 16 (1979) for Chor a cappella choir, beginning of “Sklonenie mestoimenija, cej’”“. Bálint-András-Varga Archive 45, fol. 2.

In line with keeping in the tradition of the Akademie der Künste, the music archives mainly houses bequests and working archives from 20th- century contemporary music. The greater part comesmajority come from the academy’s members and master students or from the Berlin musical scene that they circulated intheir milieu in Berlin’s musical life. There is a particular focus on the composition classes of Arnold Schönberg and Franz Schreker as well as the archives of composers deported exiled from Germany.

Besides the archives of the composers, there are also collections from certain performers the bequests of interpreters, who have made important contributions to the musical life of the 20th century, are also collected. The collections of several prominent theoreticians theorists and publicists associated with New Music are included, who havesome of whom accompanied the development of the musical avant-garde over several decades – often for many decades, are also closely connected with contemporary music. The central archivemain sections of the archives consist of autograph manuscripts (fair copies with all the preliminary work), correspondence, and sound recordings, the originals of which (shellac gramophone records, long-playing records, audio tapes) are also archived in digital formats.  
The valuable individual manuscripts, which are kept in a general music collection, include autograph manuscripts by Paul Hindemith and Arnold Schönberg. The collections are rounded off by several thematic and institutional collections under the aspect ofcovering documentation.

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