Performing Arts Archive

Axel Manthey, drawing, Academy of Arts, Photograph: Performing Arts Archive

The Archive collects, preserves and provides access to the holdings of directors, theatrical intendants (both spoken and musical drama), actors, dancers and choreographers, set designers, critics, academic writers on the theatre, dramatists, dramatic advisers, cabaret artists and composers, mainly for cabaret. Using the stage-documentation method, the Archive provides written material documenting the processes and results of current stagings by leading directors of spoken drama and musical theatre.

The beginnings of the Performing Arts Archive go back to 1951-2. In 1960 the Archive took over its first bequests, both pre-mortem and post mortem. The period covered by its holdings runs from the nineteenth century to the present. The Archive preserves 270 holdings relating to individual people and 19 thematic collections, including around 1,300 items of documentation illustrating the staging and direction of various productions–that is, more than 1,800 continuous metres of archival material, more than 25,000 large-size sheets of paper, and more than 35,000 photographs.

Main sections in the collection:

Members of the Academy of Arts
Theatre in Berlin
Theatre in exile
Theatre in the GDR
Theatre in the FRG
Contemporary theatre
Free dance
Criticism and theatre studies
Archives of theatres and associations
Documentation on stage productions (spoken and musical drama)
Documentation on the theatre following German unification

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