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Postcard photograph from John Heartfield and George Grosz to Otto Dix, Berlin, 16 June 1920, from left to right: John Heartfield, Eva Grosz, George Grosz, Otto Schmalhausen. Visual Arts Autograph Collection.

The Visual Arts Archive has been in existence since 1994. It collects, stores and provides access to the documentary remains of painters, graphic artists, sculptors, art historians and publicists, as well as the documents of artists’ associations and artists’ clubs, from the latter part of the nineteenth century to the present day. Its range has now grown to 100 holdings with more than 550 continuous metres of written materials, 40,000 photographs and 30,000 slides. The Archives feature the works and careers of some 17,000 artists.

Some principle holdings:

Members of the Academy of Arts
Dada Berlin
New Objectivity
Visual Arts in exile
Abstraction and realism
Art historians and publicists
Artists’ clubs and their members

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