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The Library of the former Prussian Academy of Arts was one of the most important of its kind in Europe. At that time its holdings were in such demand that its catalogue was repeatedly published in book form. As a result of the fascist “consolidation,” holdingsshrank after 1933 to 500 volumes.>br> The new start was made in 1950, when the Library took over the documentary remains of Heinrich Mann.
The Library grew concurrently with the art and literary archives, since the estates of the various artists, writers and scholars usually included their libraries, which then also came into the possession of the Academy.
These inherited libraries form the basic holdings of the Academy Library.
Today the Library of the Academy of Arts has holdings of some 550,000 volumes. It is a specialist library, available to members and staff of the Academy of Arts, but it is also open to members of the public who are engaged in scholarship. Some of the volumes are reference-only items.

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