DEMO:POLIS – Decentralized Music ASMR Studio


The ensemble MAM.Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik and the composer Neele Hülcker deal with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a mass phenomenon which has increased to millions of videos on the Internet since 2010. Soft noises and whispering is intended to trigger pleasant static-like tingling sensations on the scalp, which promises relaxation and well-being.The musicians will set up an ASMR studio, complete with headphones, loudspeakers and mobile listening stations, which explore the phenomenon from various artistic perspectives.The multifunctional space is open to the public for two hours daily, as an exhibition space, concert room and film studio. Visitors take part in the investigations and sound productions in a
comfortable atmosphere. However, an absolute commandment to whisper is in effect. Live actions and a YouTube channel (specifically set up for this purpose) complete the setting.

Open ASMR Studio: 6 - 12 April, daily 2 - 4 pm

Programme of the concert:

Neele Hülcker best of 1000 tingles
Neele Hülcker ASMR *contemporary music ensemble* [tapping] [scratching] [brushing] [whispering]
Paul Hübner Frau und Gitarre
Neele Hülcker earcleaning

& results of the project’s working phase

Decentralized Music 30 March - 19 April 2016
In the context of the exhibition DEMO:POLIS, composers and ensembles are working on ideas for a public, mobile music. They develop and carry out their concepts in respective one-week localized sessions in and around the Academy building on Hanseatenweg. Each Tuesday there are ensemble presentations as final touches to the working phases of their projects.

Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016

8 pm


Hall 2

Neele Hülcker & MAM.Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, Frankfurt/Main.
Free admission