Performing RomArchive Akathe te Beshen, RomaRising, Voices of the Victims


RomArchive, the Digital Archive of the Roma, makes Romani arts and cultures visible and illustrates their contribution to European cultural history. On the occasion of the launch of the archive website, the interdisciplinary festival shows the wealth and diversity of European cultural production.

In cooperation with the Berlin gallery Kai Dikhas the impressive presentation Akathe te Beshen has been created, covering the entire spectrum of contemporary Romani artists. For his series RomaRising, Chad Evans Wyatt portrayed minority representatives in impressive black-and-white photographs. The historian Dr Karola Fings collected early testimonies of Sinti and Roma who were victims of Nazi persecution in twenty countries for the project Voices of the Victims.

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24 Jan — 3 Feb 2019

24 Jan from 8 pm

25 – 27 Jan, 11 am – 10 pm

28 Jan – 3 Feb, 11 am – 7 pm

€ 6/4
(Free admission during the festival, 24 – 27 Jan)

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