Annett Gröschner. Photo: Susanne Schleyer

Berlin Art Prize – Jubilee Endowment 1848/1948

Award Ceremony

Following the rotation of the six Akademie Sections, this year the Berlin Art Prize – Grand Prize 2021 is to be awarded in the Literature Section to writer, journalist, columnist, lecturer, exhibition maker and performer Annett Gröschner.

The remaining six Art Prizes are to be awarded to Indian performance artist Sajan Mani (Visual Arts), Spanish architecture office HARQUITECTES (Architecture), Slovenian composer Petra Strahovnik (Music), writer Lea Schneider (Literature), Swiss actor Gina Haller (Performing Arts) and multimedia artist Susann Maria Hempel (Film and Media Arts). The Berlin Art Prize was established in 1948 by the city administration to commemorate the March Revolution of 1848. The prizes will be presented by Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, and Akademie President Jeanine Meerapfel during a digital event.

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Award ceremony for Annett Gröschner, Sajan Mani, HARQUITECTES, Petra Strahovnik, Lea Schneider, Gina Haller and Susann Maria Hempel, presented by Jeanine Meerapfel, Michael Müller

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Berlin Art Prize 2021 brochure