Maja S.K. Ratkje & Katarina Barruk © Sofie Verstad

Memories in Music Avant Joik


Live performance Annette Schmucki: repeat one_two dachversion (2021, world premiere, 15 min), with Ernst Surberg

Film production Avant Joik (2021, world premiere, 30 min), with Katarina Barruk, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Matti Aikio

Live performance Spirit Weather: Altitude (2021, world premiere, ca. 15 min), with Tony Buck and Tony Elieh


Annette Schmucki: repeat one_two dachversion (2021, world premiere)
Ernst Surberg, keyboard, voice
Based on text and sound material by Kate Bush, The Knife, Deep Purple, Radiohead and Amy Winehouse

"the cassettes back then, the approximate rewind, the little felt-tip pen lines on the cassette’s viewing window marking the estimated beginning of the favourite song. or having a feeling for the rewind time of each desired song, somnambulistic rewinding and listening, rewinding and listening, until the tape wears out or gets irreversibly tangled in the sound heads of the overheated cassette recorder. later the programmable record player. the accuracy of the needle, landing exactly on song3. and much later the repeat-one mode of the cd player: listening to the same track a hundred times over without interruption when no one is at home.
every pop song is the embodiment of repeat-one, plays with repetitions, loops, patterns. seamlessly, without development, uneventfully really. a mood is asserted. an affect. that’s a little, that’s a lot. that’s all." (Annette Schmucki)

Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Katarina Barruk, Matti Aikio: Avant Joik (2018, film version 2021, world premiere)
Two-part composition for voices, electronics and video

Avant Joik combines two different ways of working with, thinking and imagining voice. For the Sámi Katarina Barruk, who sings in her native Ume Sámi now protected by UNESCO, images, stories and feelings are the starting point for her evocative joik and improvisations. Maja S. K. Ratkje’s experimental vocal performances, on the other hand, are a result of her practice as an avant-garde voice performer, improvising from the awareness of the voice’s diversity and versatility. Avant Joik – in a new film with the Sámi video artist Matti Aikio – tells in it’s own poetic way of the injustice to the Sámi, their culture and their ways of knowing and living.

Spirit Weather: Altitude (2021, world premiere)
Tony Buck, Percussion & Tony Elieh, electric bass, electronics

On shared experience and influences ranging from improvisation, rock, minimalism and noise, Tony and Tony present the premiere performance of their duo project Spirit Weather. The debut performance of the piece Altitude will be an opening, an offering, a ritual, a joyful noise and celebration in rhythm and sound, and a blessing – for new beginnings – shouting out from the stage!

Premiere of the film production Avant Joik by and with Maja S. K. Ratkje, Katarina Barruk, Matti Aikio

Live performances at Akademie der Künste by Annette Schmucki / Ernst Surberg und Tony Buck / Tony Elieh

Live stream from 7 May 2021 on YouTube and Facebook

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