Cultural theorist, curator and author Angelika Fitz works in the fields of architecture, art and urbanism and has curated projects for international museums, cultural institutions and universities. From 1998, she realised several projects in South Asia and curated the Austrian contributions to the International Architecture Biennial in Sao Paulo in 2003 and 2005. Her recent curatorial projects include the platforms We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City, Weltstadt. Who creates the city? and Actopolis. The Art of Action. She is Director designate of the Austrian Architecture Museum (Az W), starting her term of office in 2017.

Who creates public spaces? Can these scattered, often informal practices which we experience in many cities right now really contribute to a new public sphere? Will they even provide alternatives in the face of the current economic, social, and ecological crises? Perhaps the transformative powers of self-organised or semi-institutional practices are not only found in the factual. If they are also perceived as performative practices, they create a differential space that lies beyond the rationality of planning and the logic of utilisation as well as a semantic space that reaches far past the radius of these projects and which continues to maintain our claim to a good life.

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