Making Spaces is an online platform concerning itself with the work of female spatial practitioners (architects, urbanists, sociologists, curators, critics, etc.) and their innovative approaches to our urban landscape. Initiated by Niche Berlin, together with Valerie Chartrain, Christina Landbrecht, Rosario Talevi, Miriam Stoney and Fiona Shipwright, it is dedicated to creating networks, improving practitioners’ visibility and interrogating the parameters of success in outmoded institutional frameworks.
Founded by art historians Stefanie Gerke and Nele Heinevetter as well as architect Katharina Beckmann, the interdisciplinary cultural agency NICHE BERLIN offers new perspectives through custom-made art and architecture tours, art exhibitions and architecture research projects. Initiated by DJs and academics Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl, the event series CREAMCAKE showcases upcoming artists with a strong focus on digital culture. Both women-run, Niche Berlin and Creamcake share an interest in new perspectives, freeing up space and presenting their discoveries in Berlin.