Deneb Martos

© Deneb Martos

Deneb Martos is a photographer, filmmaker and artist specializing in alternative photography and cinema techniques, especially cameraless ones. She graduated in Media and Audiovisual Studies from the UCM. Since 2003, she has been running and teaching at the Photography Department of La Casa Encendida (LCE) in Madrid, where she is head director of Los Laboratorios (Photography, Media and Radio). Her work has been shown during the concerts of Terry Riley, Alvin Lucier and Alvin Curran in the music program ¿Los límites de la composición? (Madrid, 2008) and at the Monat der Fotografie Off (Berlin, 2014). In her works, she expands from the image itself to the cinematic devices used, emphasizing the signifying nature of the analogue image. Her films apply gold, graphite and chemical processes, researching their materiality. In this process, matter is transformed into energy, a human medium that changes into mechanical vibration.