Juan Piñera

© Juan Piñera

Juan Piñera studied music in Cuba. A composer, musical advisor and professor, he has taken part in music events in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Il Piacere, Amor con Amor se paga, and La Taza de Café stand out among the pieces he has written for the stage. He also works for various dance companies such as Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, Danza del Caribe, Danza Combinatoria, and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, whose director, Alicia Alonso, has requested two ballets from him. Piñera has created music for orchestra, soloist instruments, teaching, radio, TV and cinema, as well as songs, chamber and choral music. He also writes and directs specialized music radio programmes with the aim of spreading contemporary or little-known music.

His wide-ranging body of work as electroacoustic composer includes Pirandellina, for sound tape and two actors, Tres de Dos (First award in the Experimental Music International Competition of Bourges, in 1984), Imago, for guitar and sound tape, Germinal (National Award of Music and Award of Music for Dance), Cuando el Aura es Aurea o la muy triste historia de los ocho minutos con treinta y ocho segundos, for soprano sax and sound tape, Pampano y Cascabel, for guitar and sound tape, and Opus 28 No.1, o de la Gota de Agua, for sound tape. For his music, he has been awarded La Trimalca 1985 (Tribunade Musica de America Latina y el Caribe), La Trimalca 2000, and recently received a nomination for the Tomas Luis de Victoria Award for his musical work as a whole.