Eduardo Molinari, Argentinien
Stipendiat der Sektion Film- und Medienkunst 2007

Mitglied: Thomas Heise

1961 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied in the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” (1986/90).
National Professor of Painting. Teaches in the National Universitary Institute of Art (IUNA – Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte).

Walk like aesthetic practice and interdisciplinaire action are in the center of his work. His practice investigates the relations between art, history and politics. Three concepts orient this investigation: memory, identity and utopia.

He founds the “Archivo Caminante/Walking Archiv” (2001). Is a visual archiv of argentine history composed by three kinds of documents: images of official archives (public and private), photographies that he takes on his walks and “trash” documents (newspapers, magazines, books, politic flyers and posters, different kinds of graphic material) that he picks up on the streets or that people give for the archiv.

Eduardo Molinari lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fellowships and residences
2005 Residence in “Centre d’art Passerelle”, Brest, France. Invited by the curator Stephen Wright in the context of the exhibition “In Absentia”.
2001 TRAMA, Programm of cooperation and confrontation between artists. He makes an investigation for the workshop “Artistic practices and social projection”.

Last projects and exhibitions
- Drawings of Archivo Caminante. Individual exhibition. “Art and politics cabinet”, Archimboldo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Lanormalidad/ExArgentina. International collective exhibition. The Problem Park (installation). Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Supported by Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires and Kultur Stiftung des Bundes (Germany).
- Tertulia. Visual and sound intervention on the Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.
Installation in collaboration with Nicolás Varchausky. V. International Festival of Buenos Aires, Proyecto Cruce.
- In Absentia. International collective exhibition. Unexpected awakened (installation). Centre d’art Passerelle, Brest, France.
- Oficial marks. Uruguayan and argentine artists. The rays (installation). Municipal Center of Exhibitions SUBTE, Montevideo, Uruguay.
- Pasos de fuga del trabajo al hacer/ExArgentina. International collective exhibiton. El Camino Real (installation). Museum Ludwig, Köln, Germany. Supported by Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires and Kultur Stiftung des Bundes (Germany).
- Homo faber. Installation. In collaboration with Azul Blaseotto. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- El cuchillo/The knife. Individual exhibition. Intervention on archiv photos. Teatro General San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Vida coditiana y olvido, Argentina 1976/2001. German and argentine artists. “B.d.s.m” (installation). NGBK, Berlín, Germany.

Last publications
2006 El tío. For Lanormalidad/ExArgentina. Supported by Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires and Kultur Stiftung des Bundes (Germany).
2004 El libro plateado y real. For Pasos de fuga del trabajo al hacer/ExArgentina. Supported by Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires and Kultur Stiftung des Bundes (Germany).
2003 Homo Faber. In collaboration with Azul Blaseotto. Independent edition.
2000 El cuchillo. Independent edition.

"In absentia", an installation in Brest, France (2005).
(On this furniture, also over the bed, the pots have honey inside, and the archiv photos are there, submerged on honey.)