Prominent architects have been associated with the Akademie der Künste ever since its foundation in 1696 – from Andreas Schlüter via Friedrich Schinkel, David Gilly, Friedrich August Stüler to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Peter Behrens, Erich Mendelsohn and Le Corbusier. Architecture, however, has only had its own Section since the re-founding of the Akademie der Künste in 1954 in the Western part of Berlin, a development stimulated by its first President, Hans Scharoun. Today, the Architecture Section includes architects, urban and landscape planners, designers, civil engineers, architectural theoreticians, and architectural historians from all over the world.


In May 2012, Michael Bräuer was elected as Director and Wilfried Wang as Deputy Director of the Architecture Section.

Michael Bräuer, Director

Michael Bräuer, Director

Wilfried Wang, Deputy Director

Wilfried Wang, Deputy Director


The Architecture Section is dedicated to issues of planning and construction by organising events, exhibitions, working groups, and seminars. In its “Gespräche zu Architektur and Stadt” (Discussions on architecture and city) and “Gespräche zu Stadt und Landschaft” (Discussions on city and landscape) series of events, the Section addresses the current problems of public space. In the form of exhibitions and events, it recalls the achievements of the great 20th century architects, such as Hans Scharoun, Egon Eiermann, Rudolf Schwarz, Alvar Aalto, Hugo Häring, Erich Mendelsohn, and Hans Poelzig. In 2009, the Section launched the project “Wiederkehr der Landschaft” (Return of the landscape) to put on the agenda the urgent demand from an urban development and ecological perspective for the development of a 21st century city out of the landscape.
In 2013, the focus will be on cultural intervention as a motor for new urbanity with the project “Kultur:Stadt" (Culture:City).

Giving advice

Of particular importance to the Architecture Section is its advising of both the Federal Government and other social forces, including how to deal with the historical centre of Berlin. The Architecture Section is represented in the “Berlin Council for Urban Development”, the “Post-war Modernism showcase”, and the Art Advisory Committee of the Federal State of Berlin. It is increasingly advocating its expertise and reputation for the preservation of threatened monuments of Modernism as well as post-war Modernism throughout Germany.

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