JUNGE AKADEMIE (Young Academy) – Scholarship programmes

A key task for the Akademie der Künste is the promotion of young artists. The scholarship programmes of the Young Academy provide young artists from all over the world with the opportunity for further development, exchange, and presentation.

The meetings of the scholarship holders amongst themselves, contacts with Academy members, mentor services, knowledge transfer, project support as well as a wide range of interactions with the public all create the framework for accompanying the young artists. For their part, the scholarship holders enrich the Academy and its programme with their individual artistic perspectives. Through the Academy’s information projects, they pass on their knowledge to children and young people.

The Month of the Scholarship Holders is the key platform of the support programme. The artists present themselves and their works with an exhibition, in events, work presentations, and discussions. They gain insights into the Studio for Electroacoustic Music and the Academy’s Archive. They become familiar with the Berlin art scene and during the Workshop Week work together with Academy members and experts on a common theme. The new scholarship holders are introduced in the Sections and the plenum at the spring General Assembly.

A total of 12 Berlin scholarships and four to six residencies in the Villa Serpentara in Olevano (Italy) are granted each year. In longer intervals, the Akademie der Künste also awards privately endowed scholarships: the Ellen Auerbach Scholarship for international photographers and the Schlubach Hirschmeier Scholarship for set designers.

Candidates for the scholarships are recommended by Academy members, experts, or international curators and selected by a members’ jury. Personal application is not possible.

The Young Academy programme area, accompanied by an advisory council composed of Academy members, coordinates the programmes and maintains a constantly growing alumni network, which also includes other Academy holders of young talent and advancement scholarships.


Berlin Scholarship
A scholarship to work and reside in Berlin. The Academy studios on Hanseatenweg are available to work and live in. Each of the Academy’s six art Sections selects two international artists for the scholarship on an annual basis.

Villa Serpentara Scholarship
A three-month residency scholarship, awarded since 1961, mainly to artists from Berlin (not older than 40 years in age) for the Villa Serpentara in Olevano Romano/Italy. Suggestions are submitted from the Sections. The Academy Senate decides on the scholarship awards.

Schlubach Hirschmeier Scholarship
This scholarship, endowed by the Berlin stage designer and film architect Jan Schlubach (1920 - 2006), has been awarded by the Akademie der Künste since 1997 to talented young film set deigners. The periods and value of the scholarships are determined on an individual basis according to the work project concerned. This scholarship is decided on by Academy members of the Film and Media Section, who then act as mentors.

Ellen Auerbach Scholarship
This is an advancement scholarship for international young photographers, funded by the estate of the photographer Ellen Auerbach (1906 - 2004). There is a possibility of a working residency in the Academy at Hanseatenweg. Works by Ellen Auerbach may be viewed in the Archive of the Akademie der Künste. The scholarship, awarded every two years, is endowed with 20,000 Euros. This includes co-financing a publication or exhibition.

Saarland Scholarship
A working and residency scholarship in the visual arts field. The Academy studios at Hanseatenweg are available. This scholarship is borne by the Saarland Federal State Representation in Berlin.

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