JUNGE AKADEMIE (Young Academy) – International Fellowship Programme

A key role of the Akademie der Künste is to foster the work of young, international artists from all disciplines by awarding prizes and fellowships. Young artists from all over the world, working in areas represented in all of the Akademie’s art sections, have been mentored and supported for more than 20 years. They are invited to the Akademie building on Hanseatenweg – a very special place for encounters, with appealing, spacious rooftop studios and guest apartments, that serves as the hub and main sphere of activity of the JUNGE AKADEMIE (genius loci).

The JUNGE AKADEMIE commits itself to cooperation between the arts and artists. The unmistakable potential for each generation of fellows to redefine as creatively as possible a “Kultur des Mit-ein-anders” (Culture with one/an(d)other) each year is the particular appeal, challenge and incentive of the JUNGE AKADEMIE in the sense of “Vielfalt JA! – über Grenzen hinweg” (Pluralism JA! – Beyond Borders). Thus, the JUNGE AKADEMIE stands for a broad spectrum of diverse tasks and oversees a total of five international fellowships, with orientations that are both collaborative and interdisciplinary.

The JUNGE AKADEMIE develops an annual program, as well as internal and public events with fellows, members/mentors, sponsors and partners, both within and outside the Akademie. There are two main focuses of the “Fellows’ Month”, which occur in parallel with the spring general members’ meeting: AGORA ARTES/an interplay of the arts (with final work presentations of the Berlin Fellows of the previous year), and the public PLENUM, showcasing personal introductory presentations of the newly invited fellows from diverse countries around the globe, who have just come to Berlin. Moreover, the JUNGE AKADEMIE participates in the interdisciplinary and thematic main focuses of the entire Akademie, such as Kultur:Stadt (Culture:City, 2013), Schwindel der Wirklichkeit (Vertigo of Reality, 2014) and DEMO:POLIS (2015-16).

The JUNGE AKADEMIE became firmly anchored in the Akademie statutes as its own specialised area in 2007. Its work is accompanied by an advisory committee made up of members from all of the art sections, appointed by the Akademie president.


Berlin Fellowship
Each of the Akademie der Künste’s six art sections annually appoint two international artists for the artist-in-residence fellowship in Berlin. The Akademie studios, located in the building on Hanseatenweg, are available as working spaces and accommodations. The Berlin Fellowship, which begins in May with the PLENUM of the new fellows in conjunction with the annual general members’ meeting and ends in May the following year as AGORA ARTES/an interplay of the arts (final presentations of the fellows in a Programme Night and 14-day installations), offers young artistic talents from around the world incentives to take part in an equal, interdisciplinary exchange across the arts. It embodies cross-border cooperation and artistic research like no other programme. In recent years this transdisciplinary teamwork has successfully led to diverse and stimulating new productions between the arts.

Villa Serpentara Fellowship
A three-month residential fellowship abroad, awarded mainly to artists from Berlin, at the Villa Serpentara in Olevano Romano (near Rome), Italy. Fellows publicly report about the work they conducted the previous year in the “land where lemons grow.” They are supported on location by members of the German academy Villa Massimo.

Ellen Auerbach Fellowship for Photography
An advancement fellowship for young international photographers, awarded biannually, that is financed from the estate of the photographer Ellen Auerbach. In 2014, in an unprecedented case, the distinction was awarded a second time during the book presentation of a previously promoted artist, whose fellowship had first made this work possible. In the future, such double appreciation is intended to be analogously linked to the Berlin Fellowship and encouraged whenever possible.

Saarland Fellowship
Since 2002 the Visual Arts Section has awarded the Saarland Fellowship for a working residency in Berlin (three-month maximum). It was awarded annually until 2014; biannually since 2016. Candidates recommended by the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in Saar are selected by a jury of Akademie members in the Visual Arts Section.

Schlubach-Hirschmeier Fellowship
Named after Alfred Hirschmeier (1931-1996), one of most important set designers of the former GDR, and endowed by the Berlin stage and film designer Jan Schlubach (1920-2006), the Akademie der Künste has awarded this grant to talented young film scenographers since 1997. As of 2017 it will again be awarded biannually by Akademie members in the Film and Media Arts Section. It is chiefly intended as recognition, and for project support.

Further information on the fellowship programmes and about the Berlin Fellows of the JUNGE AKADEMIE is available on the German-language version of our website.