User Regulations

Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

I. General

The collections of the Archive of the Akademie der Künste are open to the public, in particular for publishing and research purposes. The archive materials and library holdings can be consulted in the reading rooms free of charge.

Registration is required to use the reading rooms. The users of the archives are requested to sign in at the reception of the buildings.

The signature on the User Application Form commits the User to comply with the User Regulations of the Archive of the Akademie der Künste and constitutes a binding contract.

Users may not take coats, jackets, bags, rucksacks, suitcases, umbrellas etc into the rooms.

Users may not take photographs or record images in the reading room or audio room. Users may not take mobile phones into the reading room or audio room.

Eating and drinking in the reading room and audio room is prohibited. A dedicated area with seating exists for this purpose.

Archive materials may not be removed from the reading room. The reading room staff is entitled to check personal work papers and work materials.

The building is under surveillance by CCTV

Any breach against the User Regulations can lead to a User being excluded, either temporarily or permanently, from consulting the archive.


II. Archive

1. Application

1.1. It is required that every User fills in a User Application Form and provides identification. At every visit to the archive, he/she is to sign the visitor’s book.

1.2. In order to consult the archive materials, subject and purpose of the request must be stated on the User Application Form. A new application is required for each new or modified purpose.

1.3. The User Application Form is valid for the current calendar year.

2. Use

2.1. The permission to consult archive materials can be refused, partially or totally

withdrawn, or subjected to certain conditions when

 copyright, personality or data protection rights,

 archive/depositor’s contract agreements

 conservation of the archive materials

 classification of the archive materials (particularly if not yet registered)

make this necessary or when the purpose of research can be reached by the consultation of existing publications, reproductions, or microfilms. If user copies of archival materials exist, as a rule only the copies will be handed out to the user. Temporary restrictions of use may arise from contract agreements concerning preparations for publication, or further scholarly, journalistic, or exhibition purposes within the Archive of the Akademie.

2.2. Subject files from the Historical Archive of the Akademie der Künste are free for public access after 30 years. On specific permission of the Akademie der Künste, copyright protection may be shortened.

2.3. The request for archive materials is to be made on the provided order slips. Unless the system numbers are consecutive, a separate order slip is required for each archive unit. Archive materials may be ordered by 10 am and 1 pm respectively on the days the archive is open.

Parts of the archives are held in our external store and are retrieved from the store only on two days (Mondays and Wednesdays).

2.4. There is a limit on the quantity of materials that can be consulted at any one time. This is to enable staff to check that materials borrowed are being returned in their entirety.

2.5. On receipt of the archive materials, the User should check their completeness and condition. The documents should be handled with care and left in the original order. Archive materials should not be leant on, be weighted down with objects or be used as an underlay when making notes on paper. The User is liable for any self-incurred damage. Marking or underlining is rated as damage. Should the User discover existing damage on receipt of the materials, this is to be reported to the reading room staff.

2.6. The User is entitled to write out excerpts and take notes from the archive materials with the exception of those archives underlying specific restrictions of contract or conditions stated under 2.1.

2.7. When consulting materials, specific indications for handling made by reading room staff and archivists must be respected.

2.8. The use of personal reproduction and recording devices (scanner, camera, table copy-machine, sound recordings etc.) is not permitted.


3. Reproductions

3.1. Reproductions from archive materials always require special permission.

3.2. Only in exceptional cases will authorization be given for the reproduction of individual items. Reproductions are normally restricted to 20 copies per User/theme.

The costs are set according to the fee regulations of the Archive of the Akademie.

3.3. Copies are uniquely for personal use and for the declared purpose. It is not permitted to make any kind of copies from provided reproductions or to pass them on to third parties.

3.4. Reasons stated under 2.1. may lead to the refusal of reproduction permission.

Furthermore, no copies will be made from copies of archive materials found in the archive but originating from archives and institutions other than the Akademie der  Künste.


4. Publication

4.1. When using archive materials, the User is committed to respect copyright, publishers, and personality rights. The Akademie der Künste will not be responsible for any infringement of these rights by the User. For the reproduction of unpublished materials, authorization in writing must be obtained from the archive, the copyright, and personality rights holders.

4.2. In publications, the source of the archive materials must be quoted as follows: Akademie der Künste (AdK for short), Berlin, Heinrich-Mann-Archiv, no. 420

4.3. Audio-visual materials from the archive are only on hire for publishing. Conditions of loan and use conform to the General Terms of Contract of the Archive of the Akademie der Künste.

4.4. The Archive of the Akademie der Künste requests one specimen copy of any publication exploiting materials related to a consultation of the Archive. This also applies to exam-, diploma-, and master papers, PhDs, catalogues, and audio-visual productions.

5. Loan for Exhibition Purposes There is no legitimate claim to the loan of archive or collection materials for the purpose of exhibition. A loan is dependent on the condition of the material, must be effectively protected from loss, damage, and unauthorized

use, and be adequately insured. Applications to borrow materials must be submitted to the Management of the Akademie der Künste at least six months prior to the desired date. Details are regulated in the Loan Contract.


III. Library

The library of the Akademie der Künste is a professional scientific library. A loan outside of the library is only granted to persons resident in Berlin. The library is connected – with restrictions – to national and international loan systems. When in poor or fragile condition, the holdings of the reference library, reading rooms, special collections, magazines and books can be consulted in the reading rooms only. Especially rare and irreplaceable books as well as all holdings in estate-libraries are under special protection and underlie similar restrictions (art prints, rara etc.). The greater part of our books is currently in an external store which can only be accessed three days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Please note that this will delay making archival materials available.

Books ordered by 3pm are available for pick-up after 10 am the next day. The duration of loan is four weeks. This period can be extended a maximum of two times as long as the items have not been reserved by another user. The library and the reading room staff have the right to request the return of books. Should the Borrower fail to return the book within the duration of loan, a penalty is charged: in the first week, 0,50 € per volume, for each further week 1,00 € per volume. Borrowed literature may not be passed on to third parties. Damaged or lost materials must be replaced.


Director’s Office Berlin, June 2014

(Stand 16.06.2014)

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