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How does one write or make music about something that is as poetic as it is urgent, as pensive as it is moving, and which carries time with and in itself? Which sounds, colours, harmonies and dissonances recall all those passionate dystopias that agree on the apparent futility of the present? Access to time and space, especially musically, requires hope. But what if hope is no longer categorical  – and in a now, without a future, escaping from its past?

In upon nothingness, there the Sinan-Büyükberber duo call for memories of yesterday and today with sounds all their own. Jarring musical splinters move around in green, blue, yellow, and red; seeking to make there resonate with sound. Abstract and yet sensual, light and dark, hard and soft – contrasting pairs come together and create a space for an ever heavier message. For Büyükberber and Sinan, upon nothingness, there is an undefined wound, struggling for “words” and going around in circles, but which – as something – continually attempts to find new ways to take stock of the world. “We lie on nothingness so soothingly / and we conceal all tears and rips”, Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in 1899 in his poem “Gott, wie begreif ich deine Stunde” [Oh God, how do I grasp your life]. A century later, green, blue, yellow and red sounds have long stopped soothing any tears and rips, but are riddled with doubts instead.

upon nothingness, there is released by ECM.

Wednesday, 4 Oct 2017

7 pm


Studio Lobby

With Sinan-Büyükberber (upon nothingness, there), Oğuz Büyükberber (clarinets & electronics) und Marc Sinan (electric guitar & electronics)

Welcome: Arnold Dreyblatt

Talk with Simone Heilgendorff

In English

€ 6/4


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