"Erinnern ist Arbeit" [Remembering is work], exhibition project by Einar Schleef, 1992, in the marstall, Berlin. Photo © Ute Schendel. VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Durch das Herz hindurchgehen. Eine Einführung


Cultural memory is the basis of the human future. The arts and cultural institutions play a decisive role in this. The examination of memory and memory stores are central to current artistic practice: artists question archives, rethink selection processes, scan gaps in the repository and create their own archives against forgetting. For memory is a contested field: amidst the current dynamics of digital change, right-wing and nationalist narratives, postcolonial debates about historical responsibility, and the struggle for sustainability and diversity, it is necessary to defend and at the same time reassess traditional spaces of knowledge and memory. On the occasion of its 325th anniversary, the Akademie der Künste also reflects on its own institution and its archives as memory repositories. An exhibition with 13 commissioned works and 15 exemplary positions from the archive shows the grammar of remembering and forgetting and places what has been preserved in new contexts.

With works by: Miroslaw BałkaCandice BreitzUlrike DraesnerArnold DreyblattThomas Heise, Susann Maria Hempel, Alexander Kluge, Eduardo Molinari, Matana Roberts, Cemile Sahin, Cécile WajsbrotJennifer Walshe and Robert Wilson

Artist talk with Jeanine Meerapfel, Cécile Wajsbrot

Introduction: Johannes Odenthal and Werner Heegewaldt

In German

Live stream: 2 June 2021, 7 pm

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