A Journey of Objects. Film still © Mara Louise Atkins

A Journey of Objects Valeska Gert Guest Professorship Anne Collod


The film A Journey of Objects by Mara Louise Atkins brings together the results of an online seminar by French choreographer Anne Collod and students of dance studies on the artistic legacy of recently deceased US choreographer and teacher Anna Halprin (1920–2021). It takes up impulses from the score of Parade of Costumes from Anna Halprin’s famous piece Parades and Changes (1965) and shows the examination of objects. The students were invited to experiment guided improvisation to explore tasks and daily gestures and work with emotion as a tool of perception and creation. How do objects influence the performers? Do objects and performers merge into a mass, or is it the question of who carries and moves whom? By what, where and how are performers and objects carried, moved and encountered?

In cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Closing film of the dance studies students of FU Berlin

Cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin and DAAD

In English

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Valeska Gert Guest Professorship