The encouragement of young artists whose work demonstrates exceptional artistic capabilities, is a central task of the Academy of Arts.

The scholarship programmes of the Young Academy offer upcoming artists from all over the world an opportunity to develop further, to exchange information and experience, to present their work. Meetings by the scholarship holders with each other, contacts with members of the Academy of Arts, mentoring facilities, knowledge transfer, support for projects, and a wide variety of interaction with the public form the framework by which young artists can be given encouragement and support for a period of twelve months.

The scholarship holders, for their part, enrich both the Academy and their programme through their individual artistic angles of vision.

An initial meeting of scholarship holders, the Young Academy Plenum, will take place at the Academy during the Spring General Meeting.   

The Scholarship Holders’ Month is the Young Academy’s central platform: in events, work presentations and discussions the artists will present both themselves and their work. They will gain an insight into the Studio for Electrical and Acoustic Music and the Academy’s archives. They will learn about the Berlin arts scene and its representatives and during the Workshop Week will work with Academy members and experts on a joint subject.

The Scholarship Holders’ Month features the Young Academy Exhibition, in which scholarship holders from the previous year show their work in public.

Scholarship holders are recommended by Academy members, experts or international curators and selected by a members’ jury. Twelve Berlin scholarships and four to six scholarships for residence at the Villa Serpentara in Olevano (Italy) are awarded annually. At longer intervals the Academy of Arts awards privately founded scholarships: the Ellen Auerbach Scholarship for international photographers and the Schlubach-Hirschmeier Scholarship for scenographers.

The Young Academy Programme Section, assisted by an advisory board of Academy members, coordinates the programme and maintains a continually growing alumni network, which also includes many other winners of the Academy’s young-talent prizes and prize scholarships.

Information on the Academy’s scholarships, young-talent prizes and prize scholarships, and on the Saarland Scholarship, can be found at:      


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