Esteban Chapela

© Pilar Suárez

Born in Mexico City. His musical projects have explored the meeting ground between electronic media and popular music genres, such as rock, funk and hip hop. In addition to his electroacoustic work, Chapela has worked as composer and audio designer for short films, TV commercials and video games, and provided music for theatrical and video-art projects. He teaches electroacoustic music at Mexico’s Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música and works with Max/MSP, the graphic programming language which he uses to develop his own tools for music creation. In 2011 he designed the electronic processing system for the electric cello concerto Magnetar by composer Enrico Chapela, premiered by cellist Johannes Moser and the Los Angeles Philharmonic in Walt Disney Hall. Other recent work includes the electroacoustic piece Populated Topographies and the interactive program Adoctrinador Político Automatizado (Automated Political Indoctrinator).