Matthias Kranebitter

© Mirela Ivicevic

Matthias Kranebitter, born 1980 in Vienna, studied composition, electro-acoustic composition, film and media composition as well as piano in Vienna, Amsterdam and Graz. His music is characterized by aspects of our media society, a dense accumulation and mash-up from everyday life’s trash sounds to a flittering-colourful and hyper-heterogenic sound flood, a comic-like, grotesque distortion of clichéd musical gestures with an ironic ambivalence, aiming for a culture-liberated Art brut in music. His works received awards such as 1st Prize Project Young Composers Gaudeamus Music Week Amsterdam 2009, Impuls Composition Competition Graz 2013, Publicity Prize of the SKE Austro Mechana 2013,  Förderungspreis of the City of Vienna 2014 a.o. He is founder of the ensemble Black Page Orchestra and of UNSAFE+SOUNDS FESTIVAL - antidisciplinary Festival / Media Arts Music in Vienna. For 2015 he was awarded a scholarship from the Junge Akademie and invited to Berlin by the Akademie der Künste.