11 March 2019

Wo kommen wir hin

Akademie der Künste on Hanseatenweg becomes a stage for artistic
Concept: Kathrin Röggla, Karin Sander and Manos Tsangaris
21 March – 2 June 2019, Hanseatenweg venue

Strategies of artistic action continually evolve and redefine themselves: through musical composition, writing, conceptualising, the design of space and stages, as well as by questioning the individual and social issues, through participation, etc. Giving space to these different approaches in an experimental setup is the premise and starting point of “Wo kommen wir hin”.

Composer Manos Tsangaris works with the concept of “scenic anthropology”: The human being – whether listener or viewer – is the focus of his compositional productions. winzig und der Elefant is a station to station theatre on a large scale that uses musical miniatures to transform the Akademie building into a stage. (18 – 30 May)

Together with visual artists Mark Lammert and Eran Schaerf, writer Kathrin Röggla looks into communication crises in both private and public communication, in which concepts like dramaturgy or narrative increasingly play a role. Her contribution, Der Elefant im Raum, is a metaphor for the communicative inability to create an aesthetic of the invisible. (18 May – 2 June)

The utopian is at the centre of the exhibition project Telling Art and Futures – Die Dialektik des Utopischen by conceptual artist Karin Sander. Together with sociologist Harald Welzer, the results of their surveys will be presented and staged. Within a scientific context, the focus shifts to the face-to-face responses of young adults who are formulating their own positive visions of the future. Within an art context, focus is placed on individual memories of key experiences with art; memories shared by members from all sections of the Akademie der Künste. Both approaches delve into the future as well as into the past. (30 April – 2 June)

In the audiovisual essay Moving Sand / Topos, filmmaker and president of the Akademie der Künste Jeanine Meerapfel and musician and composer Floros Floridis combine film, dance, text and music to explore how artificial intelligence colonises our daily lives. (29 – 31 May)

A loose series of 16 individual events beginning on 21 March features programmatic constellations between artists and other specialists.

Event Overview until 16 May
(special events start at 7 pm unless noted otherwise)
21 March Free International Drumming III Concert with Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) and Manos Tsangaris (percussion), followed by a talk with the participants in “Wo kommen wir hin”
24 March, noon: Wie politisch ist unser Werkzeugkasten? Talk and music with Helmut Lachenmann (piano), Manos Tsangaris (percussion), Jörn Peter Hiekel
29 March Topien des Jetzt Talk and performance with Koffi Kôkô (dance),
Stefan Kraus and Manos Tsangaris
6 April 11 am – 10 pm: “Der alte Film ist tot. Wir glauben an den neuen.” Film an der HfG Ulm Films and talks with Günther Hörmann, Reinhard Kahn, Alexander Kluge, Edgar Reitz and Jeanine Meerapfel, et al.
12 April ...und immerzu Talk and music with Mark Andre, Adele Bitter (cello) and Manos Tsangaris
13 April Erste Liebe – Musikalische Lesespeisung zu Becketts 113. Geburtstag Reading with musical accompaniment, with Leopold von Verschuer and Bo Wiget (cello)
14 April Der Mensch in der Mitte? Talk with Gemina Picht, Dieter Mersch and Manos Tsangaris
25 April Kathrin Röggla: Geschäftsführersitzung Radio play and talk with Kathrin Röggla, Oliver Sturm and other guests
28 April Karin Sander and Harald Welzer: Telling Art and Futures – Die Dialektik des Utopischen Exhibition opening with Karin Sander, Christoph Mayer CHM., Magali Mohr, Gemina Picht, et al., followed by: Music for Future Images Concert with Annika Larsson, Yutaka Makino, Augustin Maurs, Angela Bulloch, the Berlin Bass Ensemble, compiled by Augustin Maurs
1 May In der Zukunft wird nicht gearbeitet Lecture by Harald Welzer
2 May “Zwei Mann, ein Hut, ein Knopf” Performative reading with Frank Heibert and Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel
3 May Positive Zukunftsbilder: Mission Impossible? Talk with Magali Mohr and Gemina Picht
8 May, 6 pm: The Heart´s Voice Voice workshop with A. L. Kennedy and Ros Steen, followed by a talk with Kathrin Röggla
15 May Die ständige Verschiebung nach rechts – Über die Faschisierung der öffentlichen Sprache Talk with Ulrich Peltzer, Kathrin Röggla, Georg Seeßlen and Gerhild Steinbuch
16 May Moving Sand / Topos Public rehearsal with Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann (Tanzcompagnie Rubato), Floros Floridis (clarinets), Elena Kakaliagou (horn) and Jeanine Meerapfel

Wo kommen wir hin
An Artistic Research Laboratory at the Akademie der Künste
In cooperation with the Kolumba Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne
21 March – 2 June 2019
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin