25 September 2023

Façade display at Pariser Platz: over 40 Members of the Akademie der Künste make statements for climate change mitigation

Starting today, the glass façade of the Akademie building on Pariser Platz shows statements by more than 40 members of the Akademie der Künste on the crucial importance of climate change mitigation. Numerous members of the international artists’ society accepted the invitation of Akademie President Jeanine Meerapfel to participate in the project.

“What contribution can artists make to demand a policy that addresses climate change efficiently and expediently? How can art foster and encourage the necessary transformation of society?” These are some of the critical questions that many members of the Akademie address with their art. A number of them have now formulated personal statements in support of this initiative. “These statements,” as the Akademie President explained at the start of the project, “are part of an appeal to each and every individual to support the cause of environmental protection.”

The Akademie der Künste’s programmes are integral to its understanding of its role in providing intellectual stimulus and education on the topic of sustainability. The festival “Time to Listen. The Ecological Crisis in Sound and Music” was part of a programme devoted to climate change and the environmental crisis, while at the same time examining the Akademie’s own institutional reality. One of the events presented in the context of this programme is the exhibition “The Great Repair”, which opens on 13 October 2023.

The statements are also displayed in the foyer of the Akademie’s Hanseatenweg location, and can as well be found in the news section of the Akademie der Künste’s website.

The following Akademie members have contributed statements (in alphabetical order):

1.    Peter Ablinger, composer, sound artist
2.    Carola Bauckholt, composer
3.    Nikolaus Brass, composer
4.    Ludger Brümmer, composer
5.    Sidney Corbett, composer
6.    Arnold Dreyblatt, artist and composer
7.    Bogomir Ecker, sculptor
8.    Aris Fioretos, writer
9.    Christopher Fox, composer
10.    Fritz Frenkler, industrial designer
11.    Christian Grashof, actor
12.    Kerstin Hensel, writer
13.    Christina Kubisch, composer, sound artist
14.    Bernhard Lang, composer
15.    Víctor López Cotelo, architect
16.    Ulrike Lorenz, art historian
17.    Regula Lüscher, architect, urban planner
18.    Volkwin Marg, architect
19.    Jeanine Meerapfel, filmmaker
20.    Bjørn Melhus, video artist
21.    Robert Menasse, writer
22.    Nanne Meyer, artist
23.    Elfi Mikesch, cinematographer, director
24.    Peter Nestler, documentary filmmaker
25.    Daniel Ott, composer, theatre performer
26.    Ulrich Peltzer, writer
27.    Dieter Rams, architect, industrial designer
28.    Kirsten Reese, composer, sound artist
29.    Trond Reinholdtsen, composer
30.    Monika Rinck, writer
31.    Kathrin Röggla, writer
32.    Iris ter Schiphorst, composer
33.    Annette Schlünz, composer
34.    Marta Schreieck, architect
35.    Helmut Schulitz, architect
36.    Ingo Schulze, writer
37.    Johan Simons, director, theatre director
38.    Klaus Staeck, graphic designer, publicist
39.    Aleš Šteger, writer
40.    Uwe Timm, writer
41.    Klaus Völker, dramaturgist, writer, theatre historian
42.    Cécile Wajsbrot, writer
43.    Caspar Johannes Walter, composer
44.    Wilfried Wang, architect, publicist