16 December 2019

Akademie der Künste demands Julian Assange receive humane treatment under the rule of law

The Akademie der Künste is concerned for Julian Assange's welfare. The manner in which the journalist, publicist, and publisher is being held in unwarranted solitary confinement at London's Belmarsh maximum security prison indicates a lack of constitutional standards.
Judicial treatment of Julian Assange's case thus far exemplifies the erosion of basic democratic values. The expected transfer to US courts under the newly applied Espionage Act will have far-reaching consequences for journalists throughout the world as well as for academics and artists. At risk is nothing less than the freedom of expression. Julian Assange is being used to set an example intended to intimidate and weaken the fourth estate. Supposed democratic authorities must not be allowed to attack the freedom of the press, science, and art.
The Akademie der Künste demands that Julian Assange be treated humanely and according to the rule of law.