12 April 2022

In the series “Memory of Hearing”, Isabel Mundry and Liza Lim bring new compositions to the audience

With, among others, the New York flautist Claire Chase
Concert and conversation, Saturday, 23 April 2022, Hanseatenweg

In the series “Memory of Hearing”, the Australian composer Liza Lim and Akademie member Isabel Mundry will be bringing new compositions to the audience. The concert will feature internationally renowned soloists, including the New York flautist Claire Chase. The series brings together in each case a member of the Akademie der Künste and an international guest; the theme of the exchange, in both music and words, is the link between cultural memory and hearing.

Both composers place their works in complex historical contexts shaped by cultural experience. The Australian Liza Lim, currently a fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin, references the Pythia in Delphi and Kali, the Hindu goddess of rage, to address sacred aspects of female eroticism in Sex Magic (2020). The composition for contrabass flute, live electronics and kinetic percussion was commissioned by the flautist Claire Chase; the German premiere will be performed by Claire Chase and sound artist Senem Pirler. For her composition figura (2022, Berlin premiere) for two trumpets, Isabel Mundry sought inspiration from the interplay of listening, remembering and replication characteristic of the musical traditions of oral cultures, which she translates into gestures of reception and transmission between the two soloists Marco Blaauw and Markus Schwind.
The concert evening will be supplemented by a conversation between the two composers in English.

A concert by the Music Section in cooperation with the Electroacoustic Studio of the Akademie der Künste. The series “Memory of Hearing” will be continued on 28 May 2022 with works by Du Yun and Olga Neuwirth.

Liza Lim: Sex Magic (2020, 45 min.) for contrabass flute, electronics & kinetic percussion
Conversation: Liza Lim, Isabel Mundry
Isabel Mundry: figura (2022, 25 min) for two trumpets
(commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte, premiered at ECLAT Festival 2022)
Contrabass flute: Claire Chase
Live electronics: Senem Pirler
Trumpets: Marco Blaauw, Markus Schwind

Event details
Memory of Hearing. Orality and Body Memory
Saturday, 23 April 2022, 8 pm
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
Tickets € 10/6, reservations: 030 200 57-1000; www.adk.de/tickets 

Press tickets: reservations from presse@adk.de and Tel. 030 200 57-1514