15 May 2023

Akademie der Künste’s Spring General Assembly 2023 adopts statute amendment and secures the resumption of publication of the magazine SINN UND FORM

The 60th General Assembly of the Akademie der Künste took place from 12 to 14 May 2023 in Berlin. At the plenary session, the members adopted an amendment of the statutes.

The background is a decision by the District Court of Berlin based on a lawsuit by the magazine Lettre International and its publisher Frank Berberich, which presented formal barriers to the publication of the magazine SINN UND FORM (see press release from 1 March 2023).

The Akademie der Künste has appealed the decision. The duration of the ongoing court case has not yet been determined. The amendment of the statutes allows for the resumption of the magazine’s publication while still complying with the court decision. Issue 2 is now expected to be published in late May, and Issue 3 in June of this year. The publication of Issue 4 is planned for July as usual.

On the agenda of the General Assembly were also working discussions of the sections Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, Performing Arts and Film and Media Arts. New members were welcomed and pressing cultural and social policy issues were discussed, in particular with regard to the climate crisis.

Among the members taking part in the General Assembly were Carola Bauckholt, Volker Braun, Edith Clever, Friedrich Dieckmann, Arnold Dreyblatt, Bogomir Ecker, Aris Fioretos, Fritz Frenkler, Christian Grashof, Thomas Heise, Kerstin Hensel, Nele Hertling, Karla Kowalski, Thomas Lehr and George Lewis took part in the general assembly, Jeanine Meerapfel, Bjørn Melhus, Helke Misselwitz, Robert Menasse, HG Merz, Nanne Meyer, Terézia Mora, Péter Nádas, Ulrich Peltzer, Monika Rinck, Kathrin Röggla, Iris ter Schiphorst, Katharina Schultens, Ingo Schulze, Lutz Seiler, Klaus Staeck, Aleš Šteger, Uwe Timm, Jutta Wachowiak and Cécile Wajsbrot.

The Akademie der Künste currently has 419 members. Its Archives comprise over 1200 individual artist estates. The filmmaker Jeanine Meerapfel has been President of the Akademie der Künste since 2015. The vice-president is the writer Kathrin Röggla. The next General Assembly will be held in November 2023.

Further information on the members of the Akademie der Künste is available at https://www.adk.de/de/akademie/mitglieder/