Halle 1

Thu, 18–22:30 Uhr, Fri 16–22 Uhr, Sat 11–22 Uhr, Sun 11:30–20 Uhr

Johanna Diehl
Das imaginäre Studio [The Imaginary Studio] (2017)

In her work entitled Das imaginäre Studio, Johanna Diehl looks at the utopian, forward-looking potential of the equipment and apparatus used in the electronic studios in Germany and France during the post-war era. In her photographs, the synthesizers, mixing desks, noise generators, tape decks, and octave filters seem like frozen sculptures filled with all the potential of the ‘as yet unheard’. For this exhibition, Diehl has chosen to showcase a selection of photographs from her series Das imaginäre Studio in dialogue with her work Eurotopians (2014/2017 – in co-operation with the author Niklas Maak). The latter work explores the visionary force of the alternative approach to construction advocated by French, Italian, and German utopians in the 1960s. Beyond the melancholy retrospective gaze at what has been, these concentrated photographs tell the story of tirelessly inquisitive minds, of a search for the new, reflecting the playfully experimental ideas of the day, in both music and architecture. Moreover, as it takes a closer look at the European phenomenon of the awakening of the arts, the multi-part wall installation evokes the idea of André Malraux’s imaginary museum.

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