Memories in Music II ensemble mosaik


The concert given by ensemble mosaik presents the work of Walter Zimmermann as a work of memory and features compositions in which Zimmermann refers to pilgrimage routes to Sarajevo and Bosnian folk music as well as to musical cultures he documented on his travels. Armenian composer Petros Ovsepyan recalls the language lost through migration and the Genocide by embedding sound documents of the Armenian language from the Sound Archives of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in his composition. Annette Schmucki arranges favourite songs of the ensemble musicians. Annesley Black’s composition is about the reindeer areas in the home territory of the Vuntut Gwitchin in northern Canada, which are endangered by oil production and climate change, and about a fiddle culture that has developed there. In his compositions, Leopold Hurt processes the sounds of Alpine folk music, using shellac records from Lower Austria and Bavaria as acoustic objets trouvés.

Leopold Hurt: Erratischer Block (2006) for violin, saxophone, piano, percussion, microtonal alto zither and tape

Walter Zimmermann:Ga’s (1976) for oboe and tape

Walter Zimmermann: Das Gras der Kindheit (2010) for viola/song and tape

Walter Zimmermann: Dit (1999) for cello and tape

Annette Schmucki: repeat one_two (2020, UA) for bass clarinet, bass oboe, viola, violin and keyboard
based on text and sound material by Kate Bush, The Knife, Deep Purple, Radiohead and Amy Winehouse
Commission by Akademie der Künste, Berlin with the kind support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Annesley Black: Still listening II (2020, UA) for ensemble and 3 soloists (turntables, song/banjo, violin)
Commission by Edition Juliane Klein, funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Walter Zimmermann: Parasit-Paraklet (1995/2009) for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass and tape

Petros Ovsepyan: Sprach der Wolf (2015, concert version)
for chamber ensemble and tape

With ensemble mosaik (Bettina Junge, flute; Simon Strasser, oboe; Christian Vogel, clarinet; Martin Losert, saxophone; Roland Neffe, percussion; Ernst Surberg, piano/turntables; Chatschatur Kanajan, violin; Karen Lorenz, viola; Mathis Mayr and Niklas Seidl, cello; Arne Vierck, sound director)

With Annesley Black, banjo, song
Leopold Hurt, microtonal zither
Magnus Loddgard, direction

Saturday, 7 Aug 2021

Works by Annesley Black, Leopold Hurt, Petros Ovsepyan, Annette Schmucki and Walter Zimmermann

With Annesley Black, Leopold Hurt, Magnus Loddgard and ensemble mosaik

€ 17/15 (day pass)


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000