Memories in Music

Festival of Contemporary Music

Concerts, Installations, Audio Walks, Symposium
digital & outdoor & indoor
6 – 9 May and 6 – 8 August 2021

The "Memories in Music" festival is presenting a broad spectrum of contemporary music practice that challenges canons and aesthetic norms and contributes to the writing of history, the culture of remembrance and social transformation. The participating composers and musicians are members of the Akademie der Künste, activists of the Berlin scene and numerous international guests.

The second part of the festival "Memories in Music" (6 to 8 August 2021) will focus on two full-length concert programmes and five sound installations. With the Friday programme "Focus Lebanon" we take a special look at this politically and culturally crisis-ridden region and artistic lines of memory. The concert by ensemble mosaik on Saturday and five installations will also explore various forms of remembrance and set them in dialogue with indigenous sound imagination, natural sounds and languages, addressing the question: What is recollected in music and sound and what processes of interchange lie behind this process? The festival is part of the Akademie’s programme focus “Arbeit am Gedächtnis – Transforming Archives”.

In the first part of the festival (6 – 9 May 2021), which was digitally transmitted, we presented, among other things, new compositions that dealt with the natural scientist Ludwig Leichardt in Australia as well as with dialogue projects between Europe and Brazil / Bolivia.

The four day programmes are still accessible in their entirety or as individual projects on this page below, under "Digital Programme" and as a playlist on the Youtube channel of the Akademie der Künste.

Digital Programme

ECOEIN, photo: Gilmar Gonzales



Memories in Music Naturvölker

First broadcast of the film production Naturvölker by Carlos Gutierrez, with ECOEIN, Ute Wassermann, Sabine Vogel

Live-Performance in the outdoor area of the Akademie der Künste by Tony Buck and Naturvölker by Carlos Gutierrez with Sharon Mercado, Jorge Villaseca, Sabine Vogel, Ute Wassermann

Live stream from 9 May 2021 on YouTube and Facebook

Still listening II © Annesley Black,



Memories in Music Meet the Artists

With the artists of the festival


9 May 2021, 8 pm

Três Sóis, Plástica Sonora von Walter Smetak (1969, Replica 2017), Foto: Albrecht Hotz



Memories in Music Brazil – Europe

First broadcast of the film productions Anestesia by Walter Smetak / Marco Scarassatti and Luiz Pretti and Dialoge by Thomas Kessler, with Ensemble Modern and Silvia Ocougne

Live performances in the outdoor area of the Akademie der Künste by Ute Wassermann & Sabine Vogel, Silvia Ocougne and Guilherme Vaz

Live stream from 8 May 2021 on YouTube and Facebook

Maja S.K. Ratkje & Katarina Barruk © Sofie Verstad



Memories in Music Avant Joik

Premiere of the film production Avant Joik by and with Maja S. K. Ratkje, Katarina Barruk, Matti Aikio

Live performances at Akademie der Künste by Annette Schmucki / Ernst Surberg und Tony Buck / Tony Elieh

Live stream from 7 May 2021 on YouTube and Facebook

Grafics: NODE



Memories in Music What Does Freedom Sound Like? Curating Diversity, Part 2

Digital Symposium via Zoom on 6 + 7 May 2021, 11 am – 6 pm

Please register until 2 May: here

In English

Cobourg Nets, Research Trip. Photo: Kirsten Reese


Opening Concert

Memories in Music Leichhardt in Australien

Festival opening and live streaming of the concert Leichhardt in Australien with works by Kirsten Reese and Erkki Veltheim and the Ensemble Adapter on the Internet

Live stream from 6 May 2021 on YouTube and Facebook