Samstag, 26.09.

Hanseatenweg, Studiofoyer

22:30 – 24:00 Uhr
06 Late Night Session: Expanded Fidelity
Surround-Sound Konzert mit Livesets von Mario de Vega (MX) and Robert Henke (DE).

Mario de Vega, Semicírculo (2015), action for tape, electronics and amplified objects, 35–40 min
Robert Henke, Dust (2011-15), multichannel granular synthesis concert, 45–60 min


© Mario de Vega

Mario de Vega, Semicírculo (2015)

Sound performance based on public space interventions in Tlahuelompa, Mexico City, Paris and Berlin archived between 2013 and 2015. Live version for PA system and portable speakers.

“Those who speak of the sublime, of greatness per se, assume that the listener will become conscious of his or her own dimensions in the course of an overwhelming experience. But de Vega excludes the possibility of such a process of sublimation. It is impossible for the visitors to his concerts and installations to overcome the experience of their own vulnerability, because the threat exuded by his art is concrete: when, for example, a wire coated with 14 kt gold is charged with high voltage and is not only freely accessible to the visitors, but also blocks the way to the exhibition space, the possibility of injury is not an artistic allusion, but actually present“ Björn Gottstein


© Robert Henke

Robert Henke, Dust (2011-15)

Dust is about the exploration of noisy, grainy textures and about very slow movements of seemingly static sonic material, shredded into myriads of microscopic particles. The sources are leftovers of digital processes or field recordings; splashing waves captured in Australia on a beach with lots of pebbles, steam from a coffee machine, crackles of the lead out groove of an old record, electrical discharges from a big transformer, bells, organ pipes, bowed piano strings. The sonic treatments create dense and layered streams of sound, remixed and distributed in space during the performance, slowly filling the room, sometimes barely audible, sometimes very loud, spanning the whole spectrum from the lowest possible rumble to ultrasound. Dust is based on self written granular synthesis algorithms and can be presented live in many ways, including a variable number of audio channels.