D'un air instable

Laurent Bigot (FR) D'un air instable (2018) (DEA)

Live-Performance mit Glasflaschen, Kunststoffflaschen, Metalldosen, Luftballons, Rohren, Aquariumszubehör, zwei Kühlschrankmotoren und verschiedenen Mikrofonen, 30 Minuten

On a dreamlike night, malleable or unstable objects awaken, animated by the flow of air blown into their bronchi. Taking life, they rock, crack, move, breathe, whistle, belch, whirr ... they speak; answer each other. It is tempting to play with them. However, they are clever and unpredictable partners. D'un air instable stages disposable, discarded objects. Abandoned, as if returned to the wild, they indulge in rites of sound and gestures. They live in their own world, an uncanny echo of ours, playing humourously with their regained vitality. D'un air instable exists in the boundary zone between a wind instrument, a sound mechanism and object theatre without a story.

Laurent Bigot


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