26 January 2021

Akademie der Künste moves its events into the digital space - programme until the end of February

The Akademie der Künste continues to move its events into the digital space. The digital programme until the end of February 2021 includes exhibition tours, lectures, talks and films.
All virtual events will be presented via video or livestream.

From 26 January (video)
Open Studios. Grammar, Apology, and the West
Digital studio visits with JUNGE AKADEMIE fellows Ada Mukhina, Nazanin Noori, Mia Sanchez and Cássio Diniz Santiago. more

27 January, 6 pm (Livestream with registration)
The Machinery of Myth
Panel as part of the "Human Machine" programme of the JUNGE AKADEMIE with Morehshin Allahyari, Sahej Rahal and Nishant Shah. more

From 29 January (video)
CONTINENT - Perspectives
Anja Maier talks to OSTKREUZ photographers Linn Schröder, Maurice Weiss, Stephanie Steinkopf and Frank Schinski about their work in the CONTINENT - In Search of Europe exhibition. Cooperation Allianz Kulturstiftung. more

From 3 February (video)
Kjetil Trǣdal Thorsen (Snøhetta)
Lecture. Akademie member Thorsen is co-founder of Snøhetta, firm of architects, landscape architects, interior architects and designers, based in Oslo and New York. Followed by a talk with Matthias Sauerbruch, Director of the Architecture Section. more

From 5 February (video)
Portrait of a House. Valeska Gert Visiting Professorship Toshiki Okada
Film presentation with dance studies students
Cooperation Freie Universität Berlin, DAAD. more

From 8 February (video)
Texts by Falk Richter. Staged reading in the context of the CONTINENT - In Search of Europe exhibition. Cooperation Allianz Kulturstiftung. more

9 February, 7 pm (Livestream)
16th Academy Discussion: About Cinema Landscapes and Streaming Worlds
Akademie president Jeanine Meerapfel in conversation with Christine Berg, Meret Ruggle, Christoph Terhechte and Anna Winger, moderated by Andreas Kilb. more

From 11 February (video)
ON MY WAY - Stories from Europe
Tour through the exhibition about travelling with works by European and German school pupils. more

From 17 February (video)
Minsk oder Begegnungen mit der Utopie
Reading and discussion with Stephan Wackwitz and the Belarusian authors Maryna Rakhlei and Yaraslava Ananka. Moderated by Matthias Weichelt. more

From 22 February (video)
CONTINENT - In Search of Europe
Curator Ingo Taubhorn presents the different positions of the OSTKREUZ photographers in a guided tour through the CONTINENT exhibition. more

23 February, 7 pm (Livestream)
Brecht probt Galilei 1955/56
Audio book presentation with Marion Brasch, Thomas Krüger, Luise Meier, Stephan Suschke, Werner Heegewaldt. more

24 – 28 February, 5 + 7 pm (24 and 25 Feb), 4 + 5 + 7 pm (26 to 28 Febs) (Livestream)
School of Resistance
Discussions and films
In search of strategies of resistance, Milo Rau, the IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder) and the NTGent founded a globally connected "School of Resistance" as a livestream debate series in 2020. As a symbolic institution of the future, it has now come to the Akademie der Künste and, drawing on previous projects, examines aesthetic practices of resistance. Activists and artists discuss art as a transformative, reality-creating practice. Six cinematic works by Milo Rau form the starting point of this platform. www.adk.de/en