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Composer and musician Elisabeth Schimana, who lives in Vienna, interprets an early multichannel composition by celebrated electronics pioneer Éliane Radigue: Biogenesis (1973) for sounds of the ARP 2500 synthesizer and heartbeats. Furthermore she presents her own multichannel liveelectronic composition: Sternenstaub (2009). During the concert, a film portrait of Éliane Radigue will also be shown. Schimana is the initiator of the IMA Institute of Media Archaeology, which focuses on acoustic media since 2005, as well as the topic of women, art and technology.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

8 pm


Studio Lobby

Concert by Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)

Works by Elisabeth Schimana, Éliane Radigue

In German

€ 8/6


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