Michael Wertmüller

Michael Wertmüller (*1966 in Thun, Switzerland) is a composer and drummer; he studied jazz and composition in Berne, Amsterdam and Berlin. In the 1990s, Wertmüller was the drummer of the avant-garde metal band Alboth; since 2006, he has been part of Brötzmann's Full Blast ensemble with Marino Pliakas. As a composer, he is successful in the field of New Music: at the Lucerne Festival, Wertmüller premiered the opera Anschlag (Attack) with libretto by Lukas Bärfuss, as well as the piano concerto Zeitkugel (Time Ball). In 2015, Müller's opera Weine nicht, singe (Don't cry, sing) (libretto by Dea Lohner) premiered at the Hamburg State Opera.


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