Nele Hertling

Nele Hertling was born in Berlin and studied Philosophy amd Theatre Sciences at Humboldt University, Berlin. Independent work for radiostations and publishing houses. 1963 – 1988 employed at Academy of Arts Berlin West, for the departments of music and performing arts. 1986 – 1988 responsible curator for the artistic program of „Berlin – European Capital of Culture". 1989 founding and direction until 2002 of Hebbel-Theatre Berlin. 2002 – 2006 director of the Berlin based Artists in Residence program of the DAAD. 1998 elected as member and 2006 – 2015 as vice president of the Academy of Arts Berlin., since summer 2017 director of the department for Performing Arts. Member and cooperator in different cultural and culture/political organisations and initiatives , as in „A Soul for Europe".


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