What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Ong Keng Sen: Lecture on the Archives of Sardono W. Kusumo


Within the widespread performance traditions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Sardono W. Kusumo is a key figure in how they are passed down and their contemporary developments. Using Sardono as an example, Ong Keng Sen describes how contemporary dance professionals and curators can develop coherent forms when they engage with the body practices of traditional performance cultures. Ong Keng Sen has developed his own strategies as curator and dance researcher with regard to archives, the trend towards re-performance, references to architecture, and new forms of production, which have opened a field of new possibilities, continuities and interventions.

Admission with ticket for the exhibition "The Century of Dance"

Friday, 13 Sep 2019

5 pm


Studio Lobby

In English

Admission with exhibition ticket (€ 8/5)

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