The Century of Dance

With essays by Gabriele Brandstetter, Franz-Anton Cramer, Johannes Odenthal, Madeline Ritter et al.

Akademie der Künste / Alexander-Verlag, Berlin 2019
about 350 pages, 150 illustrations

ISBN 978-3-89581-510-2

€ 19,90

The 20th century is the century of dance. Under this pointed thesis, awakenings, emancipation movements and aesthetic transformations of modern and contemporary dance are brought together in 100 photographs and statements by dancers, from Isadora Duncan to Mary Wigman, Merce Cunningham and Pina Bausch to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Xavier Le Roy, among others. With accompanying essays by Gabriele Brandstetter, Franz-Anton Cramer, Johannes Odenthal and Madeline Ritter.


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