What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Tanz Aller. Ein Bewegungschor von LIGNA


Tanz aller – Ein Bewegungschor follows in the footsteps of Rudolf von Laban and the legacy of his movement choir. Performed by laymen and women, in the mid-1920s they would motivate audiences to join the movements being performed with the hope of turning the whole world into dancers. It was a utopian notion, a dance of all people, but also of all social relations. Tanz aller sees its audience as dancers and invites them to become a movement choir. The participants use headphones to listen to audio pieces that introduce the movement choir and its choreographic instructions.


Sunday, 8 Sep 2019

12 pm


Followed by a discussion and a visiting of the exhibition "The Century of Dance"

Further information


www.adk.de/kunstwelten (in German)

Extensive documentary material of Tanz Aller is accessible in TANZFONDS ERBE's digital archive