Sonar Quartett
Utopie Streichquartett IV: Pure


Pure string quartet: Oscillating between solo and group performances, even in the 21st century this classical formation still holds great promise for the future. Driven to the edge of what is performable and audible, submerged in dazzling spectra of colour, and clutched tight in time and space, the compositions by Michael Wertmüller (premiere), Mark Andre and Györgi Ligeti reflect especially striking, but extremely different approaches. The Six Bagatelles op. 9 by Anton Webern are situated on the threshold of these developments.

Saturday, 7 Jan 2017

8 pm



Works by György Ligeti, Michael Wertmüller (World premiere), Mark Andre and Anton Webern

€ 10/8


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000

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