Adolf Muschg: Der weiße Freitag

Book Release

Thirty years old at the time, Goethe’s second trip to Switzerland in 1779 might easily have turned out to be the author’s last, and Werther his only wellknown work. The risk of a nine-hour walking tour across the snow-covered Furka Pass in November was unpredictable at best. Adolf Muschg interprets this 12th of November – this “White Friday” and Goethe’s bet with fate – as a counterpart to Faust’s bet with the devil, but at the same time he also uses it to comment on his own situation as an old man confronted with a cancer diagnosis. Steffen Martus introduces Muschg's most personal book.

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

Reading: Adolf Muschg
Introduction and discussion: Steffen Martus

In German language

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