Ginka Steinwachs:
News from the Inner ME

Archive Opening

The work of poet Ginka Steinwachs unfolds in three formats: “millimetre – centimetre – kilometre writing”. In much the same way that the visual poet plays with language, ­deconstructs words and shifts meanings, new perspectives disclose themselves to the audience about their own perceptions of the world. The author’s archive is introduced through an artistic installation, as well as a reading and discussion. With ­Ginka Steinwachs, Kathrin ­Röggla (welcoming address), Torsten Flüh (introduction), AnniKa von Trier (music), Verena Auffermann (discussion).

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 pm


Studio Lobby

Archive opening and installation. With Ginka Steinwachs, Kathrin Röggla, Torsten Flüh, AnniKa von Trier, Verena Auffermann

In German language

€ 6/4 


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