poesiefestival berlin 2017:
Europe – Fata Morgana 

Opening Event

Reality, wish or illusion: What’s the truth about the European Union? Under the title “Europa – Fata Morgana” the 18th poesie­festival berlin makes the EU the subject of poetic discussion. Centrifugal forces build up from the inside out, while isolation maneuvers and right-wing populism cross these forces at their democratic core. At the same time European lifestyles are characterised by diversity, freedom of opinion and artistic freedom, as well as an exchange beyond national borders. The Haus für Poesie invites international poets to take part in poetic reflection and intervention. • The festival, organised in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, opens with  “Weltklang – Nacht der Poesie”. The “Poetry Market” is a grand finale celebration with live music, art installations, readings and publishers’ stands. 

With John Burnside (Scotland), Eva Geulen (Ger), James Noël (Haiti), M. NourbeSe Philip (Canada/Tobago), Sergio Raimondi (Argentina), Ilma Rakusa (Switzerland), Sven Ratzke (Ger), Jan Wagner (Ger), Sjón (Iceland), Philippe-Joseph Salazar (France/South Africa), Charlotte Van den Broeck (Belgium). 

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund and the ­Federal Foreign Office.

Programme: www.haus-fuer-poesie.org

Friday, 16 Jun 2017

7 pm



Opening with „Weltklang – Nacht der Poesie“

In German and English language

€ 10/7 


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E-Mail: ticket@adk.de

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